About the Journal

History of the Journal

The journal began publishing as "News of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences". Its first publication is dated October-December 1928. It had only one issue (N 1–3) with continuous pagination (83 p.). The first page of the publication contained the name and address duplicated in French, because it was used as the international means of scientific communication at that time. The first editor-in-chief was Academician O.V. Korchak-Chepurkivskiy – famous Ukrainian epidemiologist. He signed the appeal to readers at the beginning of the journal titled "From the Editor" – a policy statement, which outlined the main objectives of the new publication.

Since its first publication, the "News" had highlighted the scientific developments of Academy for the needs of economic and cultural construction in Ukraine, touched upon the attitude of society to the knowledge accumulated by previous generations. An important place was occupied by materials relevant to the discussion of the charter of Academy, which was unfolding at the time. Thus began the biography of the leading academic journal of Ukraine. The later controversial and dramatic events in the history had certainly found their reflection on its pages, but the main task – the promotion of the national science and the informing about Academy achievements – the journal continued to perform. Over the years the editors-in-chief were Academicians O.V. Palladin, B.I. Chernyshev, G.V. Kurdyumov. The journal was also being published during the Great Patriotic War in Ufa, where many academic institutions were evacuated from Ukraine.

Throughout its history, the journal changed its name several times. In 1936, in connection with the renaming of Academy, it was called "News of Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR", beginning in 1947 it was published as "Herald of Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR", from 1991 – "Herald of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine," and starting with April 1994 took its present name – "Herald of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine."

From 1960 to 1969 there was a break in the publication of the journal. However after it was revived, it again became the chronicle of the Ukrainian academic research – highlighting the critical issues of fundamental science, reporting on significant practical achievements, performing coordinating functions. President of Academy of Sciences Boris Paton became the editor-in-chief of restored "Herald".